Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dental Services Aurora CO

Child holding the side of his cheek After Hours Emergency Line: 303-309-0065

What should I do if my child has a toothache?

Clean the area of the affected tooth. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm water and use dental floss to dislodge any food that may be impacted. If the pain still exists after a few hours or the pain is unbearable, contact our office. Do not place aspirin or heat on the gum or on the aching tooth. If the face is swollen, apply cold compresses and contact us immediately.

What should I do if my child knocked out a permanent tooth?

Contact a dentist immediately. Time is a critical factor in saving a permanent tooth. Find the tooth and gently rinse off any dirt with room temperature water. Hold the tooth by the crown, not the root, and do not scrub it. Place the tooth into its socket and have your child hold the tooth in place. If you are not able to reinsert the tooth, put it in a cup with milk or water and bring it to the dentist.      

If your child is having a dental emergency please call us at our after-hours emergency line: Lil Teeth Dentistry Phone Number 303-307-9999.

What should I do if my child knocked out a baby tooth?

DO NOT try to reinsert the tooth into the socket because it may damage the growing permanent tooth. Contact Li’l Teeth Dentistry during normal business hours. This is not usually an emergency, and in most cases, limited treatment is necessary.

What should I do if my child chipped or fractured a permanent tooth?

Contact Li’l Teeth Dentistry immediately. Quick action can save the tooth, prevent infection and reduce the need for extensive dental treatment. Rinse the mouth with water and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. If possible, locate and save any broken tooth fragments and bring them with you to the office.